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10 Maintenance Tips for Your Costly Cars

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hen owning a costly vehicle, it is important to protect your investment. Any vehicle, especially those with a high price point, will need to be handled with great care to ensure the vehicle continues to work properly. Without regular repairs and maintenance, a luxury vehicle can begin to become worn and lose value. To protect the value of your vehicle, it is important to learn the proper way to maintain your car or truck. Below are a few tips on how to maintain your luxury vehicle.

Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers are an important component of your vehicle. The wipers keep the glass clean and allow you to see during rain, sleet, hail, even snow. It is important to keep your wipers updated for maximum efficiency.

Oil Change

Changing the oil of your vehicle should be completed every 3 to 6 months or 3,000 to 6,000 miles based on the type of oil change you have completed on your vehicle. This is an important service that should not be missed to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is an area in which particles and dust are kept from entering the fuel line. With a clean filter, your vehicle will operate at maximum performance. If you have a dirty filter, you can see dirt and grime enter into the fuel line which can cause major issues with your engine.


The refrigerant of your vehicle is an area that also needs attention. Be sure to have the coolant flushed and replaced according to the manufacture recommendations for your vehicle.


To maintain the value of your car or truck, you must make sure the interior of the vehicle is maintained. Regular detailing will allow your vehicle to be clean and tidy, which helps to keep a good value rating. Detailing includes upholstery cleaning, vacuuming, dash cleaning and care. You can choose to detail your vehicle or hire a professional to do so for you, whichever is most convenient.


Speaking of cleaning, the exterior of your vehicle needs regular attention as well. Be sure to have your vehicle washed by hand or professional car wash to maintain a clean and tidy appearance.


To keep your vehicle rolling smoothly, the tires of your car or truck must be properly aired and have quality treads. Once the treads wear down, you must replace the tires to ensure the safety of anyone inside the vehicle. As tires lose tread, the grip of the tires can wear down and make it hard for you to stay on the road safely. You want to ensure you can stop on a dime when needed and without proper treads, you cannot.


Along with the tires, the brakes are another safety issue. The brakes need to be replaced when you begin to hear creaking or unusual noises from the tire area. You will instantly know when the brake pads begin to wear away. Have the pads replaced on a regular basis to ensure your safety.


As with any piece of machinery, repairs must be completed to ensure the reliability of the vehicle. Be sure to schedule regular repairs so you can count on your vehicle to last for years to come.

Maintenance Service

Included with regular repair service, you will also need to schedule regular maintenance service. Oil changes, fluid checks, and other services need to be scheduled every few months to ensure the proper operation of your vehicle. Get more info on the services you need by reading your owner’s manual or speaking with the car dealership.

By taking care of your vehicle properly, you will be able to enjoy your investment and have a car that can last for several years.


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Advantages of Going with Second Hand Auto Parts

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econd hand auto parts are readily purchased these days due to their rising demands and the benefits they offer in the first place. Purchasing auto parts have become a huge concern in the auto parts’ industry. The following listed are few of the advantages that one can yield on purchasing second hand auto parts:


Amongst the popular advantages of purchasing used or second hand auto parts, the benefit of chief significance is its price. This is regarded as the most important advantage due to which people generally prefer second hand auto parts over new replacement parts. For the new replacement parts, usually a heavy price is invested in. And which sometimes do not justify the investment at all. If you go for buying a used or second hand auto part with vigilance, you will land in purchasing a definite right replacement part for your automobile.

The price of the second hand auto part normally depends upon where you are purchasing the used replacement parts from. There are several auto parts’ stores that are known to sell replacement parts which are remanufactured to their very original state. It will cost you far less than a brand new auto replacement part. Such parts sometimes come with a limited warranty as well, which is known to be another popular advantage that one can yield on purchasing a second hand auto part.

Assisting the Environment

Buying a second hand or used auto part is known to be a beneficial way of helping the environment. It is witnessed that when you purchase an auto part either from an auto replacement store house or salvage yard, you in a way assist in keeping the materials out of landfills. This serves as a great benefit to the environment. These second hand or used parts are also known as ‘green parts’ due to the environmental friendly nature they possess and the benefit they pose to the environment in general.

Reduces the Need of Manufacturing of New Auto Parts

It has been observed that the second hand or used replacement repair parts have resulted in yielding a fine benefit which is the reduction of manufacturing of new auto parts. This way, the energy that would have been invested in manufacturing a new auto part is saved. This has contributed and helped in various ways to the automobile industry. Energy along with materials that are required to facilitate in manufacturing of brand new parts is saved significantly. Recycling of parts can be done easily as compared to manufacturing new branded parts altogether.

Extending of Life of the Automobile

If you pay significant attention and vigilance in purchasing the second hand or used repair parts, you will end up in choosing the right repair part and this will eventually result in enhancing or extending the life span of your automobile in general.


The above stated points demonstrate a vivid and clear picture of why second hand auto parts are more advantageous over branded or new replacement parts. The second hand auto parts haveproved to be less expensive than new replacement parts, so monetarily you are served with a great advantage. It has also proven to assist in the maintenance of sound environment. You can visit here to find out more information about the second hand auto parts most people prefer to buy.

Simply put, there are numerous auto body professionals who will suggest you to go for second hand auto parts for your vehicle. This article is aimed to emphasize on similar thoughts while providing you with a clearer and broader view of how beneficial can second hand parts be for your automobile.

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Buying Wheels Online Has Never Been Easier

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TWhy Buy Wheels and Tyres Online

Save money

The best part about buying something online is that you generally save a fair bit of money. This is because stores have an overhead that causes the prices on anything they sell to be inflated. This inflation ensures that stores make a profit and are able to stay in business. Fortunately, the savvy online shopper understands that having a warehouse or simple stock in a certain location means that there is little to no overhead and sellers are able to cut the prices down and pass their savings onto consumers.

Buying wheels and tyres online versus in stores follows the same principle of cost inflation. Granted, you have to wait for your wheels or tyres to be delivered to your home, but you likely saved yourself a pretty penny in the process!

Save time

Most people have incredibly busy lives. Between work, family, and other obligations, it can be hard for someone to find just a few minutes each day to relax. Having to go drive into town, or hunt down the nearest automotive shop for a new set of wheels or tyres is something many people are not too thrilled about having to do after a hard day’s work. Fortunately online shopping makes life much easier!

Instead of packing up and driving out somewhere, simply grab a computer and find the perfect set of wheels and tyres within minutes! After a bit of research you can easily find some cheap wheels and great prices on tyres that also include free shipping to your home! Within ten minutes you can have a great set of wheels on its way to your house and you never have to set a foot outside!

Easy to compare

One of the biggest problems with shopping in stores is that you feel pressured into buying whatever product is already there. Who wants to go all the way to a store and find the right wheels only to refuse buying them because they are slightly more expensive than at another store? Additionally, who else has the time to visit all of the nearby automotive store to find out which has the best price?

Fortunately, when you buy online, you can quickly check the prices on anything within moments. Find the absolute best price and buy it then and there! Heck, you may even find that there is a sale going on and your nearby store price matches! Either way, shopping online is always a guarantee for some low prices in no time! Whether it be 4wd mag wheels to high performance tyres, the online store you decide to shop by should have a great range with the best prices for quality.

Tips For Online Shopping

Buying online may seem just as simple as searching and paying, but there are a few areas where people make some common mistakes. If you are looking to get the best set of wheels, tyres, or any sort of automotive part, then check out these great tips for buying online!

–          Legitimate site – scams are quite prevalent around the internet, but most people are able to spot them right away. A great deal of time and effort goes into developing a legitimate site, so you can generally tell. If ever in doubt, call their customer service number, check for reviews on other sites, and research their information before buying!

–          Shipping costs – Many people will lower the prices on an item to make it seem cheaper, but then charge an exorbitant amount on shipping and handling. Make sure that you read what the total cost will be and check all shipping options! There may be a free option available, or one for in store pickup for free as well!

–          Research, research, research – while it may seem tedious to spend an hour researching something, it is likely well worth it. If you are looking for some performance wheels for your vehicle, then you shouldn’t just buy the first product that jumps out at you. Instead make sure that you thoroughly research the manufacturer as well as the site you are buying it from! You can never be too careful when buying online!

–          Check for local stores – most online stores will also feature a store you can visit in person. Ozzy Tyres, for example, has several stores across Australia but also ships free to your home on all their parts. These stores allow you to speak with real people if you have an issue, plus you can also find great deals and get professional installation there as well!

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Car Lighting System

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The headlight of a car is necessary for safe driving at night or in extreme weather conditions. Checking the headlights from time-to-time is a good idea to save yourself from failing of headlights when you really need them.

Checking of the headlights ensure they are functioning properly. The car’s headlight can be checked when in the garage or wall of a building. It can be confirmed that both lights are working when there are two spots on light each sides of the headlights. It is advisable to check the settings of the headlights from low beam to high beam.

The basic problem of lighting system in a car:

The lightning system in a car is fairly simple and there are many things that can go wrong as most of the time the problem is with the bulb itself or the switches or fuse. It is important to know which part has the problem before spending money on it.

The first step to define a problem is troubleshooting any right problem. The headlights that do not work properly are really a problem. One must decide the conditions under which the headlights do not work and this decision narrows the problem.

If one’s headlight is not functioning perfectly then it might have burnt out. This can be checked after inspecting the burnt headlights that would generally be discolored. The filament inside the bulb gets burnt that can be seen from a gap in the filament or the loose pieces of the filament. If the bulb is found broken then it is likely due to a broken wire. It is hard to find how the wiring is done.

Then let see, how to replace headlights?

The high-intensity discharge bulbs (HID) or xenon bulbs are used by the modern cars. The following steps are to replace the old car headlights with the new ones:

  • After opening the hood of the car one must prop it up with the prop rod.
  • The headlight assembly must be located and it will have a wiring harness going to the back of it with a connector.
  • The connector would have one of the three types of retainers to hold it in place.
  • After removing the retainer the connector can be pulled off.
  • The bulb from the connector must be pulled out straight after removing the bulb.
  • The new bulb is pushed into the connector and one must be careful to not touch the glass bulb.
  • The connector is then replaced and the O-ring around the connector does not want it to enter into the back of the lighting.
  • The retainer holds the connector in place once installed.

The amount of light produced is relative to the electricity and this is a huge advantage. Using less electricity requires using the HID systems. The auto manufacturers companies build and sell the headlamps as it is a way of reducing the emissions of the carbon dioxide as the engine of the car produce less amount of electricity. One can get all headlights available at Car Part Kings.

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