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Debris Driving: Skills For Driving In Extreme Weather Conditions

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Regardless of our competency as individual drivers, when we drive in poor weather, our skills are pushed to the limit. While we may not have the tools or the speed to take corners like a rally driver, our cars are built to withstand a lot of force. We can encounter freak weather conditions almost anywhere in the world these days, and here are two common ones for the winter months.  

High Winds


When it comes to driving in high winds, firstly if you can avoid driving in the weather, then that would be much safer. But if you are caught up in a gust, on a bridge for example, then here are some things to take on board:

Slow the car down. Leave yourself a larger gap than normally between the vehicles in front.

A sudden gust can cause sudden movements! This means that, if the wind is strong enough, it may make the steering wheel turn, so have a strong grip on the wheel at the 9 and 3 positions, which gives you a better hold on the wheel than you would at 10 and 2.

There are potential areas where a gust is so strong it pushes you into the lane next to you. This can occur when you are doing any of the following:

  1. Going into an exposed area of road from a protected one. For example, from big buildings or rock formations. To give you an idea of what to expect, see what the cars in front are doing.
  2. Crossing a bridge. Drive in the middle lane.
  3. If you are driving taller cars, such as camper vans.
  4. Driving next to cars that are larger than yours. A strong gust could potentially blow them sideways into your lane, ramming you off the road!

After a storm, there could be potential floods or fallen power cables. So drive with your wits about you. If a road is flooded, this could mean that if you abandoned your car in an area of low-lying land, it could get swept away!

After driving in high winds, your car may have taken a battering. Check the car for any superficial damage, or to see if everything is intact in the hood and underneath the car. Getting the suspension checked by a mechanics like GC Suspension or a local service can give you some pointers about driving in conditions like too.



Very stressful due to the low visibility, driving in fog requires you to be more vigilant than you normally would as anything could come into vision with a millisecond for you to react.

  1. Put the fog lights or the low beam on.
  2. Before entering a bank of fog, pump the brakes slightly. This will inform the vehicles behind to keep back a safe distance.
  3. Drive slow is the rule for the most part due to poor visibility, but when going towards a hill, make sure you are really slow, due to not being able to see if a car is on the other side.


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Scrap The Junk Car In Environment Friendly Way

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Iscrap junk carsSummary: It is essential to plan your junk car removal carefully and beforehand, so that it is done in a hassle free way. Selling your junk car to auto salvage yard or junk yard is beneficial to you as it would bring you good amount of cash, which you otherwise lose it if you delay in such removals and not sell at junk yards.

Author Bio :- Jane with Rusty’s Auto Salvage from last 4 years, They provide Junk Car Removal services in US, You can Sell Your Junk Car to them and in return they will provide you good cash.

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Top Films Featuring a Mini

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Everyone’s probably familiar with the Mini Cooper’s iconic role in The Italian Job, where it becomes one of the essential ingredients in a city wide car chase. While it’s worth remembering the Mini’s essential role in that 1969 film, we can also look at some of the other top films that have featured a Mini or a Mini Cooper (with the latter being overwhelmingly represented on-screen). From being used to escape a zombie attack, to being raced through the streets of Paris, what are some of the onscreen places you can see a Mini in action?

The Italian Job, 1969

Still the most classic representation of the Mini in cinema, The Italian Job involves a British team of criminals carrying out an audacious gold heist in Turin; a fleet of Mini Coopers become the main getaway cars for the gang, with their escape including a few laps around the rooftop Fiat Lingotto factory. The Mini Cooper returned in the 2003 remake of the same name.

Night of the Living Dead 3D, 2006

While this version of the Night of the Living Dead franchise is one of its weakest installments, it does feature a great cameo from a Mini Cooper; appearing in a scene set in a cemetery, a character finds himself having to make a quick getaway when attacked by a zombie menace.

Cars 2, 2011

The Mini Cooper made an appearance in Pixar’s series of films dedicated to talking cars and their various exploits. In Cars 2, the Mini Cooper is represented by Becky Wheelin, a female car with distinctive Francesco Bernoulli insignia.

A Shot in the Dark, 1964

Peter Sellers was such a fan of his Mini de Ville that he commissioned Radford to build a replica of the car to be made for his 1964 comedy A Shot in the Dark; the car that ended up in the film included wickerwork body panels and left hand drive – it was later given to director Blake Edwards and taken to California.

Magical Mystery Tour, 1967

George Harrison’s psychedelically painted Mini de Ville is one of the stars of The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour film from the late 1960s. Harrison’s Mini was originally bought in classic black, before being given a psychedelic makeover. The car still occasionally makes appearances in ads.

The Bourne Identity, 2002

One of the most iconic uses of the Mini of the past decade or so, The Bourne Identity saw star Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) drive a Mini Mayfair MkV through the streets of Paris in a high speed pursuit. The production team apparently went through four Mini Coopers during filming.

Austin Powers in Goldmember, 2002

Italian Job star Michael Caine makes another appearance on this list in the third film in the Austin Powers series; Caine plays Austin Powers’ father Nigel, who manages to upstage his son through a classic Mini Cooper painted over with a Union Jack design.

Author Bio : Sophie Wiggins is MINI Cooper fan hoping to raise awareness of the great deals you can find at your local dealership. She is always looking out for the iconic MINI on the big screen. John can be found blogging about MINI’s, general car maintenance, and buying and selling advice.

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Top 5 Automobile Apps in 2012

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From getting the best deal with a new automobile purchase to finding the lowest gas prices, these top five automobile apps from 2012 will not only provide you with great information, they will help save you money.

Gas Buddy

Inspired by the desire to slash high gas prices, Gas Buddy is a free app that directs you to the cheapest gas prices in your area. Users enter prices and by selecting the area where you are located you get a list of the lowest prices within your range. Not only can this app save you money on fuel purchases, it is also free.


The Edmunds app is like having your own personal negotiator with you when you are looking to purchase a new vehicle. The app has data, reviews and stats on vehicles and includes a mapping system to show you dealerships located near you that have your chosen vehicle in stock.

An added feature in the Edmunds app provides the average selling price of the vehicle in your purchasing range. If you are dealing with an aggressive sales person, you have an accurate price on the vehicle to be able to

Kelley Blue Book

The Kelley Blue Book app is designed to give you the most accurate book value on a used vehicle you may be interested in purchasing. It allows you to enter details such as age, mileage, make and model and will generate an appropriate price based on the information given. This app is a must-have tool for used car purchase negotiation. The Kelley Blue Book app is also free.


Although the last thing we want to happen is a collision, the iWrecked app is a must-have for that just-in-case scenario. If you have been involved in an accident the app guides you through the legal steps to ensure you have all the necessary information and allows you to upload photographs to a.pdf file.

In the event the collision was serious enough that your vehicle cannot be driven, the app also provides local phone numbers for tow truck services and taxis.


This app can help save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your vehicle. Repairpal allows you to enter your make, year, mileage and details about the maintenance and repair work that has been done on your automobile. With this information, the app generates reminders of upcoming maintenance, and has a database of repair costs for thousands of repair jobs. Using the repair cost comparison tool you can be assured you will not pay more than is necessary for a repair when at a service station.

Repairpal also provides access to its roadside assistance network when you run into trouble on the road. They offer services like towing, emergency fuel delivery and dead battery repair to name a few.

All of these apps are available for both Android and iPhone users and are must-haves for automobile owners, or those looking to purchase automobiles; that they are free adds to their money-saving benefits.

About Richard McMunn:

Richard is the founder of, the UK’s leading training and recruitment website for public sector careers. They focus on providing students with knowledge they need to prepare for and pass selection processes for specific careers such as the police and fire service. The website currently offers over 150 different titles. You can also find How2become on Twitter

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Mr. Goodwrench No More

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Ggoodwrencheneral Motors Co.’s iconic ad mascot, Mr. Goodwrench, will be retiring after a storied 30-year career which saw him become part of American popular culture as the iconic able fixer. The face of GM’s service dealer department since the 70s, Mr. Goodwrench found his way into comedy routines, sitcom references and even space shuttle lingo. While the “Mr.” and the human representations were dropped back in 1996, General Motors is dropping the label altogether – as part of the company’s restructuring to focus on its four core brands, the service department name will be changed to the astonishingly evocative Certified Service, as in, “Cadillac Certified Service,” etc.
Notably, the Goodwrench character was once played by Stephen Colbert – the commercials can be seen on video hosting sites, uploaded by Mr Colbert’s adoring fans.

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