Florida Unveils Job-Creation Study

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The Florida Chamber Foundation, an economics and marketing research group within the Florida Chamber of Commerce, released an extensive study of the state’s ports, trade patterns and shipping logistics, which contains a number of recommendations for the state government to add jobs in the transport and shipping industries in the coming decades.

When it comes to shipping and transportation, Florida benefits from its strategic position in between the American East Coast, the Caribbean region and South America. Florida could capitalize on trade between the United States and many Latin American nations, such as emerging economic powerhouse Brazil, as well as the numerous island nations in the Caribbean, when their economies rebound from the global crisis.

The biggest benefit to Florida’s maritime shipping industry, however, may come from the expansion of the Panama canal. Due to be completed in 2014, the expansion will allow a new class of super-giant container ships to take advantage of the vital shipping channel, and the state or nation that is prepared to service those ships will see a drastic increase in activity. The Chamber Foundation has estimated that if Florida upgrades its land infrastructure, expands the Miami International Airport and has at least one port ready to service new Panama-class ships by 2014, the state can add as many as 143,000 jobs in the coming decades. By becoming a major transport hub and promoting exports of its own products, it can take the lead in nationwide job creation, with many industries getting a large boost, from Florida auto transport to port operations and food exports.

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