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The top 10 most expensive Grand Prix’s to visit

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Going to a Formula 1 Grand Prix can be expensive, once you factor in the cost of a ticket, followed by the average amount of money spent on travel, food and drink, and accommodation during an event. However, there are some significant variations between different countries when it comes to Grand Prix, which can involve major price differences for those attending. Some Grand Prix are relatively cheap, with tickets for events in Malaysia and India being as low as £13 or £14. The most expensive Grand Prix offer much higher ticket costs.

10 – Korea

It costs about £72 for an entry level ticket to the Korean Grand Prix; the Korea International Circuit has only been open since 2010, and has experienced some recent problems with race sanctioning fees. Hosting F1 has cost the Korean organisers around $27 million in losses since 2012.

9 – Japan

A trip to the Japanese Grand Prix will set you back around £76, with racing in Japan having been held since 1976, with some interruptions. The Fuji Speedway is now the main venue or the Grand Prix, which has had to absorb some losses over the past years of economic downturn.

8 – Germany

One of the oldest European Grand Prix, the German event will cost you £85 for the cheapest ticket to a race meet; it’s worth remembering, though, that the cheapest tickets are typically just for a day of racing, rather than for a whole event.

7 – Singapore

This Grand Prix in the Malaysian city-state is one of the most recent additions to the Formula 1 calendar, with tickets starting from around £100; the relatively compact city of Singapore means that the track often causes disruptions to traffic and public transport during a race.

6 – United States

The most recent Austin Grand Prix, the first race to be held in the United States for some time, charged the equivalent of £102 for a day’s pass. A three day pass in the upper rows of the stadium, however, cost about $500.

5 – Belgium

Moving back to Europe, the Belgian GP is one of the more expensive Grand Prix events, with tickets typically costing about £103. Visitors from the UK can save money, though, through low cost and last minute fights, as well as through ferries.

4 – Spain

The Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona charges about £104 for entry, although like other Grand Prix, there are many premium packages and seating plans available that will end up costing you a lot more.

3 – UK

The British Grand Prix charges roughly £145 for entry to Silverstone. With the Grand Prix depending on the British Racing Drivers’ Club and ticketing sales from Silverstone for much of its income, the high price has been justified as necessary for keeping Formula 1 afloat in the UK.

2 – Brazil

Perhaps less logical is the £229 that you normally have to pay to see the Brazilian Grand Prix; premium tickets can cost more than £1,000 for a view from the level of the pitlane. Like recent controversies over the World Cup and the Olympics, Brazil can be criticised for the financial inaccessibility of many of its top events.

1 – Abu Dhabi

Taking the top spot on this list, however, is Abu Dhabi, with the Grand Prix costing around £339 per ticket. With Dubai being one of the richest places in the world, a trip to the Grand Prix on the specially created circuit and its island is going to strain your wallet. Abu Dhabi also hosts a Ferrari World theme park and Grand Prix merchandise outlets.

Author Bio: Jane is a freelance writer who closely follows the latest news in Formula 1. As well as watching motorsports, she likes to collect official grand prix merchandise. When she’s not watching motorsports she loves to blog about what’s going on in Formula 1.

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