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Top Films Featuring a Mini

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Everyone’s probably familiar with the Mini Cooper’s iconic role in The Italian Job, where it becomes one of the essential ingredients in a city wide car chase. While it’s worth remembering the Mini’s essential role in that 1969 film, we can also look at some of the other top films that have featured a Mini or a Mini Cooper (with the latter being overwhelmingly represented on-screen). From being used to escape a zombie attack, to being raced through the streets of Paris, what are some of the onscreen places you can see a Mini in action?

The Italian Job, 1969

Still the most classic representation of the Mini in cinema, The Italian Job involves a British team of criminals carrying out an audacious gold heist in Turin; a fleet of Mini Coopers become the main getaway cars for the gang, with their escape including a few laps around the rooftop Fiat Lingotto factory. The Mini Cooper returned in the 2003 remake of the same name.

Night of the Living Dead 3D, 2006

While this version of the Night of the Living Dead franchise is one of its weakest installments, it does feature a great cameo from a Mini Cooper; appearing in a scene set in a cemetery, a character finds himself having to make a quick getaway when attacked by a zombie menace.

Cars 2, 2011

The Mini Cooper made an appearance in Pixar’s series of films dedicated to talking cars and their various exploits. In Cars 2, the Mini Cooper is represented by Becky Wheelin, a female car with distinctive Francesco Bernoulli insignia.

A Shot in the Dark, 1964

Peter Sellers was such a fan of his Mini de Ville that he commissioned Radford to build a replica of the car to be made for his 1964 comedy A Shot in the Dark; the car that ended up in the film included wickerwork body panels and left hand drive – it was later given to director Blake Edwards and taken to California.

Magical Mystery Tour, 1967

George Harrison’s psychedelically painted Mini de Ville is one of the stars of The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour film from the late 1960s. Harrison’s Mini was originally bought in classic black, before being given a psychedelic makeover. The car still occasionally makes appearances in ads.

The Bourne Identity, 2002

One of the most iconic uses of the Mini of the past decade or so, The Bourne Identity saw star Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) drive a Mini Mayfair MkV through the streets of Paris in a high speed pursuit. The production team apparently went through four Mini Coopers during filming.

Austin Powers in Goldmember, 2002

Italian Job star Michael Caine makes another appearance on this list in the third film in the Austin Powers series; Caine plays Austin Powers’ father Nigel, who manages to upstage his son through a classic Mini Cooper painted over with a Union Jack design.

Author Bio : Sophie Wiggins is MINI Cooper fan hoping to raise awareness of the great deals you can find at your local dealership. She is always looking out for the iconic MINI on the big screen. John can be found blogging about MINI’s, general car maintenance, and buying and selling advice.

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