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The costs and benefits of running a fleet

»Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Partners | Comments Off on The costs and benefits of running a fleet

There are many benefits to running a fleet for your business, which you can operate without having to spend a huge amount of money. Fleets of vans and cans can allow you to efficiently transport goods, and can also represent incentives for staff that can be used to help with mileage and expenses. However, what are some of the options that you have available to you for a fleet, and how can you reduce your running costs and the overall impact of a collection of vehicles on your bottom line?

refrigerated vehicles for hire It’s first necessary to decide on what kind of scale you want for your fleet, while factoring in whether you want to rent fleet cars or not. You also need to look into whether you can create a budget to cover running costs, as well as whether standardising your fleet around a single brand will allow you to generate savings. Keeping on top of regulations and insurance can be a challenge, so consider investing in software and outside legal advice if you’re concerned about liability for your fleet.

In terms of deciding what kind of fleet you want, look into options for buying or renting. The cost of buying a fleet of vehicles may not be practical if you’re running a small business, making a lease a good idea if you want to maintain a healthy cash flow. You can often find good deals on leasing by going through authorised dealers of particular brands, as well as through schemes that offer tax incentives for investing in fleet vehicles with low emissions and road tax.

Fleet vans can be a particularly effective option if your business involves freight and regular commutes involving food and other perishables. Refrigerated vehicles for hire can be found on various contracts, as well as for fixed monthly prices with backup choices. These vehicles can be found with flexible insurance offers and specifications that are tailored to a particular service, and can also be made available through a range of different brands.

You can save on the cost of a fleet by adding in extra services and packages through rental companies, while taking advantage of long term commercial purchase schemes. Some of the more common benefits you can take advantage of include breakdown assistance, MOT and insurance, and driver training. In many cases, these services can allow you to cut the operating costs of owning a fleet, and are particularly useful when you’re just starting out with a small business.

Other options to consider when running a fleet include whether you want to add livery and branding to the outside of cars and vans. Depending on rental leases, you may be able to do so on a temporary basis. It’s also worth considering whether additional software and human resources programs can help you to manage expenses and public liability for insurance, while making sure that you compare what leasing opportunities are currently available in your area.

Author Bio: Jane is a blogger with interests in small business solutions and the transport industries. She recommends looking into options for refrigerated vehicles for hire if you’re planning to create or expand your fleet. She can be found online blogging about different challenges businesses face.

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