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Car Lighting System

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The headlight of a car is necessary for safe driving at night or in extreme weather conditions. Checking the headlights from time-to-time is a good idea to save yourself from failing of headlights when you really need them.

Checking of the headlights ensure they are functioning properly. The car’s headlight can be checked when in the garage or wall of a building. It can be confirmed that both lights are working when there are two spots on light each sides of the headlights. It is advisable to check the settings of the headlights from low beam to high beam.

The basic problem of lighting system in a car:

The lightning system in a car is fairly simple and there are many things that can go wrong as most of the time the problem is with the bulb itself or the switches or fuse. It is important to know which part has the problem before spending money on it.

The first step to define a problem is troubleshooting any right problem. The headlights that do not work properly are really a problem. One must decide the conditions under which the headlights do not work and this decision narrows the problem.

If one’s headlight is not functioning perfectly then it might have burnt out. This can be checked after inspecting the burnt headlights that would generally be discolored. The filament inside the bulb gets burnt that can be seen from a gap in the filament or the loose pieces of the filament. If the bulb is found broken then it is likely due to a broken wire. It is hard to find how the wiring is done.

Then let see, how to replace headlights?

The high-intensity discharge bulbs (HID) or xenon bulbs are used by the modern cars. The following steps are to replace the old car headlights with the new ones:

  • After opening the hood of the car one must prop it up with the prop rod.
  • The headlight assembly must be located and it will have a wiring harness going to the back of it with a connector.
  • The connector would have one of the three types of retainers to hold it in place.
  • After removing the retainer the connector can be pulled off.
  • The bulb from the connector must be pulled out straight after removing the bulb.
  • The new bulb is pushed into the connector and one must be careful to not touch the glass bulb.
  • The connector is then replaced and the O-ring around the connector does not want it to enter into the back of the lighting.
  • The retainer holds the connector in place once installed.

The amount of light produced is relative to the electricity and this is a huge advantage. Using less electricity requires using the HID systems. The auto manufacturers companies build and sell the headlamps as it is a way of reducing the emissions of the carbon dioxide as the engine of the car produce less amount of electricity. One can get all headlights available at Car Part Kings.

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