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Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Car Journey

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What are some of the best ways in which you can improve your car journey? Changes to your car journey can involve everything from investing in high quality accessories that make driving and relaxing on the road more straightforward to using suspension kits to adjust your ride. It’s also worth, though, having an emergency kit ready in your car if you want to reduce stress on long journeys, as well as a time and money saving travel mug.

1 – Solar Charging Bluetooth Kits

Using bluetooth kits with your standard car battery can cause problems over long journeys, especially if you need the battery for other reasons. One solution to take involves using a solar charging bluetooth kit; this simply sits on your dash, and charges itself from the sun rather than your battery. A solar charging bluetooth kit can make it easier to connect to the internet and your sat nav without having to worry about running out of juice.

2 – Suspension Kits

If you want to modify your car for longer trips that involve off road driving, you can opt to lower your suspension; this can make it easier to handle corners and achieve a more comfortable centre for gravity. Driving off road can also be improved by lifting your car’s suspension, and can be a particularly good idea if you drive a truck. Some suspension kits you can look into include coilovers, strut braces, and damping controllers.

3 – Apps

Having a wide range of driving apps to choose from during a journey is a good idea if you want to make your trip more comfortable; sat navs should now be a priority if you’re driving somewhere you haven’t been before, and can either be built into your dash, or mounted via a smartphone. Other apps can warn you about traffic and speed camera traps, while also allowing you to operate hands free calls and messages when behind the wheel.

4 – Emergency Breakdown Kits

Significant stress can be caused on the road if you break down without the proper kit to help you out. An emergency breakdown kit can include everything from basic first aid materials to a tyre gauge and checker. Other kit can include jumper cables for your engine, as well as snow tyre covers and road flares if you break down in bad weather. Extra oil and heavy gloves for making adjustments to your engine can also be helpful.

5 – Travel Mugs

Having to buy new bottles of water and cups of coffee when on the road can be expensive, and can generate a lot of mess; cut down on this problem by buying a high quality travel mug that can be clipped onto your dash. The best travel mugs have an autosealing mechanism that make it easy to drink one handed without spills, and will keep hot and cold drinks at the right temperature.

Author Bio: Jane mostly writes about travel and the best accessories for your car. She recommends comparing the market for the best suspension kits for raising and lowering your ride.

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