What You Should Know About Safe Driving Techniques

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TLooking Carefully

Keeping your eyes on the road doesn’t only mean eyeballing the vehicle in front of you. Yes, you need to be able to react if the car in front stops suddenly but safe driving means paying attention to the traffic or the road in front of that vehicle too. Looking further increases your chances of reacting in time should something happen up ahead. In addition, remember the blind spot. Your driving instructor will tell you to check your blind spot but this is not only essential on the test – when driving turn and check beside you in order to avoid missing cyclists or motor cyclists.

Hands on the Wheel

Another driving instructor tip that can actually help you avoid an accident is to keep your hands correctly placed on the steering wheel. 10 to 2, or 9 to 3 o’clock. Having your hands evenly spaced allows you to react more quickly – hands resting at the bottom of the steering wheel or – worse – in your lap, increases reaction time.

Know Your Car

Be aware of your car’s limits and never try to push your car to do something it clearly cannot easily do. For example, always leave enough time when overtaking so you don’t get stuck trying to accelerate. Be familiar with the amount of pressure you need to put on the brakes. And be careful when driving a new car or someone else’s vehicle. And keep your car in good shape. A well-maintained car is much safer and easier to drive than a vehicle that’s missed its services. You’ll be keen to keep your car in tip-top condition when you first get it but continue this enthusiasm even when you’ve got a lot of miles under your belt.

Beware of Dangerous Drivers

If you see someone drifting around in a lane or a car that appears to be driving too slowly or braking too often then move away and stay away – the driver could be tired, inexperienced or even drunk. If you spot someone driving in a dangerous manner, call the police.

Staying within the speed limits and keeping alert will provide a solid base for safer driving. But pay attention to these tips in order to be even more secure on the road. Everyone could do with a refresher on safe driving – if you want driving lessons or advanced instruction click here for details.

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